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1 Samuel 30:24 (GW) says: 
24  Besides, who is going to pay attention to what you have to say in this matter? Certainly, the share of those who go into battle must be like the share of those who stay with the supplies. They will all share alike.”


David made this bold declaration to his men after they had won in battle.  You see they had been fighting a long time and there we 200 hundred men who were so tired that they could not continue to fight.  So David told them to stay behind and guard the supplies.  David was speaking to all of his men in this verse, letting them know that every person who joined in the fight would receive equal spoils. The men that stayed behind were no less important in winning the battle then those on the front line in God's eyes.  So when you join this partnership know you will receive the same reward as those who are preaching, ministering and laying hands on the sick.

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