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3 John 1:2 (NKJV) 
"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."


This is God speaking to you right now.  This is His desire for you because of His intense love for you.  Healing is His plan for your life without a doubt. You are right now found in Jesus Christ, He is your life.  Keep your eyes on Him and His measure of health to define you.


Please be encouraged as you read these testimonies, knowing God has not forgotten about you.


Friday's teleconference 3/21 I called in from Michigan. Caroline mentioned lungs in closing prayer to her talk, I was listening to conference call to learn how to unlock my healing (for my LUNGs) through my heart I was just thrilled that God singled me out, right away the top of my chest began tingling the feeling of Fullness began through the middle of my chest area Later, I Thanked Caroline for being obedient mentioning my lungs and she began to pray more for my healing speaking to my lungs directly, she asked about "dead" tissue I answered that I smoked for 34 year as she prayed my whole chest was tingling and down my arm (raised in praise) I felt power flowing, I wanted to get up and dance and twirl and sing. I wanted to share that my father and daughter were watching TV and I couldn't contain myself any longer I went out and told them what was happening. My father rejoiced, my daughter was holding me (she's 14) she was Amazed by the power running through me, she said was shaking inside and felt warm all over. I told her Can You Imagine, the Creater of the Universe reached out to me to heal my body. Hallejuia Thank You Jesus

JoEllen Rode

A friend of mine first told me about Caroline about a year ago. I had never heard of her or her teachings and at the time was so preoccupied with work and life demands to make time to go hear her teach. When she came again, again I was unable to attend due to other obligations. When she came in August this year, I made sure I was there.

You see, for 15+ years I dealt with uncontrollable pain in my body as well as dairy allergies and gluten allergies. I had been told by doctors (yes that is plural) I had Fibromyalgia, though none of the medications offered any relief. Then another doctor would say no I didn't have Fibromyalgia, and would proceed to make me feel like I was making it all up. So not only was I in physical pain, I was being convinced I was losing my mind too. The pain was so intense at times I wouldn't get out of bed for days except to soak in a hot bath in hopes of obtaining some relief. I altered my diet on so many levels, it was like jumping through hoops just to try to piece together a meal. Planning and shopping was eating more of my time than I was actually eating. Earlier this year I received a diagnosis that I had rheumatoid arthritis. I thought finally, something that makes sense, I will be able to get real help and not be looked at or talked to like I was making something up. My appointment to see the rheumatologist wasn't until September though! That was perfect timing for God.


The day I met Caroline, in late August of this year, I had never heard her teach, or her testimony. So for a minute, I was a little skeptical until she began to teach on God's love and healing. She began to say things like "seeing myself in the image of Jesus", "Wouldn't  it be great to receive prayer for healing and truly walk away with results?",  and then my favorite "You will have to let go of everything you know about nutrition and supplements!" That really got me, that statement alone lifted the burden I picked up years ago of studying food and supplements.


As she began to pray for me, I could feel the pain leave my body. It felt as though I had been in a vice or several that caused pain throughout my body. I felt loose and light. Praise God, I still feel that way! She then asked if I wanted to get rid of my food allergies. I laughed, because I thought, "well, I've learned to manage life around that", which is ridiculous thinking. She prayed for my food allergies and other than the presence of the Lord, I didn't really feel anything because I wasn't having symptoms at the time. I knew when I left I had experienced true healing. I've been prayed for many times before, but never walked away with the goods exactly. Later that afternoon, my daughter invited me to enjoy a bowl of ice cream with her. I didn't give it a second thought, I just started eating! After about the third or fourth bite, I thought, I would normally be getting sick right about now, but I didn't. So I finished my ice cream and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. When dinner time came, I ate a roll with my dinner and didn't have any symptoms after that either! It was wonderful, two of my favorite things in one day! Neither of which I had enjoyed in years!


I am enjoying growing and learning from listening to Caroline's teachings! I praise God to have met her. Years ago, when I first started listening to Andrew Wommack, I prayed and asked the Lord to please send someone from this ministry to our town to teach us. Caroline has attended CBC and now has her own ministry, which in essence all of it (Andrew's, Caroline's, anyone who truly serves) is God's ministry. So that is another answered prayer! I look forward to when she can come back again and minister!

Blessed! Michele Edenfield

When Krysta was 6 months old we noticed her head was misshapen so we took her to Caroline for prayer. Krysta was sitting on my lap as Caroline prayed for her and as Caroline prayed against fused plates I saw Krysta’s plates pop apart. Over the next few weeks Krysta’s plates moved into the correct position. We took her to a doctor who found nothing wrong. She now has a perfectly round head.


I had been struggling with lactose intolerance for 8 years and went to Caroline for prayer. Caroline prayed over me and spoke against lactose intolerance. I immediately went to Sonic and got an ice cream cone. I was able to eat the ice cream cone with no pain, nausea, or any other ill effects. To this day I still enjoy all things dairy. This was my introduction to healing and truly changed my faith.

Codi Watson

A little faith does work for miracles.

My wife and I both had serious health problems. Tami had a severe liver disease, life expectancy two years or less. Myself right leg three inches shorter than the left, causing pelvic and back problems. After years of seeking medical treatment we realized it was not the answer for us. We excepted this misfortune is just who we are.

When we heard of RTC ministries and how people today can be healed. We called them, they explained how their ministry works.  We set up a time period they came to our residence. Caroline explained how her healing ministry works.  She laid hands upon Tami's stomach and prayed for her.  She then came over to were I was sitting took my feet in her hands and prayed again for my healing.  Tami immediately noticed the pain was gone, and the brown spots on her arms had disappeared. I looked down at my feet amazed what happened, both legs were the same length.

We really know God loves us. Thank You Lord, and RTC Ministries.

By faith we know we are healed.

Steve and Tammy Konieczka

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